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29/06/2020 By Admin

Community Support

All TokyoScale customers receive access to our community-only Slack workspace, where you can engage with other TokyoScale customers and TokyoScale engineers. No Service Level Agreement is provided in the Community Tier.

Professional Support

With DevOps, it seems like there are a thousand little details you have to get just right—DNS, TLS, VPCs, secrets management, monitoring, alerting, CI, CD—and never enough time to learn them all. With TokyoScale Professional Support, you get to work with a team of DevOps experts who can help you set up your infrastructure, design highly available and scalable systems, automate builds and deployments, troubleshoot issues, and avoid gotchas and pitfalls.

Work with a team of DevOps experts

We provide commercial support for the Infrastructure as Code Library and Reference Architecture via email and chat using a Slack channel in your preferred Slack workspace. As a Professional Support subscriber, you get access to a team of DevOps experts for a tiny fraction of the cost of hiring a single DevOps engineer full time. We are here to help you with:

  • Questions
  • Troubleshooting
  • Bug fixes
  • General DevOps guidance

Communicate directly with TokyoScale engineers in Slack

We create a shared Slack channel so you can chat with TokyoScale engineers from your own Slack account. Message us any time with questions relating to your TokyoScale infrastructure.

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