Reference Architecture

29/06/2020 By Admin

A new standard for architecture

The Reference Architecture is an opinionated, battle-tested, best-practices way to assemble the code from the Infrastructure as Code Library into an end-to-end tech stack that includes just about everything you need: server cluster, load balancer, database, cache, network topology, monitoring, alerting, CI/CD, secrets management, VPN, and more (check out the Production Readiness Checklist to see what it takes to go to prod).

We customize the Reference Architecture to your needs, deploy into your AWS or GCP accounts, and give you 100% of the code. The whole process takes about one day for AWS! If you're interested in a Reference Architecture for GCP, Contact Us!

We also offer a CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark compliant version of the Reference Architecture. See our Compliance offering to learn more.


Check out the Pricing page for details. Please note that to use the Reference Architecture, you must be a TokyoScale Subscriber.

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