About TokyoScale

We help you build an innovative, environmentally friendly business

What we do

TokyoScale provides corporations a sustainable digital platform to reduce consumption of energy resources, create real impactful value.

On TokyoScale, you would be able to work from anywhere, contributing your own creation into the shared pool of knowledge and learnings that is kept permanently online, ready to be used and generate earnings to you whenever the creation is utilized or consumed.

With TokyoScale's global distributed pool of talents and accumulated reusable creations, any business idea and organization you would like to build as an entrepreneur, original artists would be bootstrapped with an unprecedented speed and leveraging power.

There is predictability in cost and future earning share transparency and certainty governed not purely by verbal promises but made possible by TokyoScale’s codified contractual economy platform. This ensures your creation will earn you the rightful amount based on the impact it contributes to the end users and the overall economy.

On TokyoScale, your creation can be any of a technical solution, original digital artworks, original published educational material, to the synthesized application, business operations and organization that operate and provide digital content to our end consumers.

Why we do

We believe our world's digital economy and each of us as individuals would benefit from a solution that empowers us to live our life the way we find happiness, while making impactful progress to the whole world.

We observe that there is an in-efficiency in the way we must organize ourselves centrally, cookie-cutting our work timing , in order to create values. There are growing trends of the young generation of workers who are challenging this, as seen in the pickup trends of gig-economy, freelancing, remote working.

Being in a similar situation with accountability to make impact, creating an engineering organization that is both centrally located based on the old model, and having to enable remote, multi time zones collaboration between freelance consultant, teams from different company, to happen, we start seeing a feasible solution to make something different in the digital economy as we see it.

How we realize this

We realize this vision via the concept and supporting platform for an open digital economy.

In which:

  1. One individual would be able to easily join in the workforce immediately without the uncertainty through tedious interview process or company selection but rather contribute via his current capacity into the global pool of problem to solve, and earn along.
  2. A group of talents, a team, an organization would be able to safely, securely share the idea or problem to solve and match available creations that could be reused or match with teams who can contribute, based on the data driven and codified contractual mechanism.
  3. The sustainable growth and value of the TokyoScale platform come from the 10x efficiency we enable such that more reusable digital assets are accumulated and made impactful by correctly activated to be utilized. Through this, the earning proceeds are fairly, transparently and predictably distributed to all creators.

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